Chris Mears gets a soaking in his Speedo for Radio 1's Innuendo Bingo - WATCH

As he prepares to head to Brazil for this month's Rio Olympics, Chris Mears has followed in the footsteps of fellow Team GB diver Tom Daley with an appearance on BBC Radio 1's always-hilarious 'Innuendo Bingo'. The 23-year-old appeared with Scott Mills and Chris Stark for the game to who can hold water in their mouth and avoid getting drenched while a series of increasingly lewd innuendos are played out, and one-upped The Daley by sensibly deciding to partake wearing nothing but his Speedo. And while Chris may have lost the game, viewers were certainly left feeling victorious... Meanwhile, Chris and his fellow Team GB divers have been showing off their revealing new kit before they head to Rio - click here to see more. More stories: Watch Dan Osborne get shirtless for Radio 1's Innuendo Bingo Team GB gymnast Brinn Bevan shows off cheeky post-routine massage (NSFW)