Chris Mears: 'I'm totally free in who I am'

Gold medal-winning Olympian Chris Mears has never been shy when it comes to expressing himself - and even less shy in front of a camera. Getting himself all wrapped up in his latest shoot with FAULT Magazine, the Team GB diver is one thing we certainly wouldn't mind finding underneath the tree this year. dwwdw Discussing his LGBT fanbase in and vocal support of the community in the accompanying interview, the 23-year-old says: "I like going outside my comfort zone because I want to grow. I want to become a better person. It was something I never explored before, even just doing a photoshoot." "I threw myself into the deep end. It opened up a lot of doors. I’m happy to be a part of that scene." He adds: "I’m absolutely all for people in sport, both men and women, being open and free in who they are because I’m totally free in who I am. "I’d hate to feel like I couldn’t be who I am. I think that would be tragic." chris-mears-1-1333x2000 And Chris isn't one to let dishonesty get in the way. "I can’t pretend to be engaged in something when I’m not. I’m really honest and really transparent. I don’t hide my feelings well. I’m transparent to a FAULT, let’s say." Read Chris's full interview with FAULT Magazine here. More stories: Chris Mears in tiny Speedos is our new favourite thing - PICS Picture special | Jack Laugher and Chris Mears get the gold! The very best of the Team GB boys