Christine and the Queens' language barrier caused some confusion in her early career

In her latest interview with Attitude, Christine and the Queens revealed that one of her biggest hits - "Tilted" - was quite controversial at the very beginning of her career. The song was originally entitled "Cripple", and although the French singer didn't quite mean it literally, the song received a dry response when performed in Brighton in 2012. "It's a typical misuse of a language you don't really own", she explains "I was absolutely sure that cripple actually meant the same thing as tilted. I didn't know it meant properly crippled, like missing a leg. "And I discovered, after performing it once in from of English people, that it was no good. I could see in their eyes that they did not understand. "They were like: "Why is she singing about missing limbs or being crippled when she can walk?" She continues: "I could see that something wasn't working. And then I made the album in London, and my musicians were English, and I was like: "Oh dear". att278_xtine_150 Words by: Cristian Angeloni