Cilla Black died from traumatic head injury, inquest finds

Yesterday, Liverpool coroner Andre Rebello gave his verdict at the inquest into the death of Cilla Black, ruling that the singer and TV presenter had an accidental fall and died from a resulting “traumatic head injury”. Cilla2 Liverpool-born Black died on August 1 at her holiday home in Marbella. Her body has since been repatriated from Spain. Her funeral will be held on August 20 at St Mary’s Church, Woolton – where she married late husband Robert Willis in 1969. According to the Liverpool Echo, Rebello said, “She died from a traumatic head injury, being certified at 6.30pm the same day. The evidence points to only one conclusion: that she died from an accidental death, that being the fall that resulted in the traumatic head injury.” Speaking to Black’s sons Robert, Ben and Jack, the coroner added, “Your mum was more than just your mum, she was a daughter of Liverpool and was celebrated and loved by the people of Liverpool.” Cilla-Black Meanwhile, police foiled a plot to break into and burgle Black’s home after discovering a “professionally cut circular hole” in the perimeter fence of her 10-bedroom property in Denham, Buckinghamshire. The Liverpool Echo reported that Black’s publicist, Nick Fiveash, speculated that the burglars were planning to commit the crime during the funeral on August 20. Fiveash said security has now been amped up and all valuable assets, including art and jewellery, removed from the property. Robert Willis, Black’s eldest son, commented, “I cannot believe someone would stoop so low at a time like this. It’s inconceivable. Thankfully it was discovered in time.”