Clare Balding: 'Being asked about my sexuality can be exhausting'

Clare Balding has admitted that she finds constantly being asked about her sexuality "exhausting". The presenter, who married her long-term girlfriend earlier this year, has revealed that she's torn between wanting to be a role model for the LGBT community and wishing she could talk about her sexuality less. Clare Balding “I’m very aware that it’s important for people to see a couple in the mainstream. But it can get a bit exhausting. I don’t walk down the street saying, ‘Hi! I’m gay,'" she told Radio Times. “At the same time, I want to be one of the people who helps. What am I meant to do? I don't know what the bloody answer is," she added. Meanwhile, Prime Minister David Cameron told Attitude recently that Balding is his "gay hero" - find out more here. More stories: Jonathan Groff: ‘There’s not a lot of gay programming on TV’ New Magic Mike XXL stills, poster unveiled