CNN commentator says it's 'fair' to blame Ariana Grande for Manchester attack

Jeffrey Lord, a frequent commentator on CNN, has suggested that it would be 'fair' if Donald Trump tried to blame the Manchester attack on Ariana Grande. 22 people were killed during a terrorist attack at Grande's concert at the Manchester Arena last month. Since then, Grande visited those affected by the tragedy organised a benefit concert for the families affected. Lord appears on CNN as an unofficial mouthpiece for Donald Trump, and can be relied upon to defend any controversial, distasteful thing that Trump has done - no matter how ridiculous it makes him look. With this in mind, Lord was a guest on Anderson Cooper 360, during which he defended Trump's criticism of London mayor Sadiq Khan in the aftermath of the terror attack in London Bridge and Borough Market at the weekend. Khan told London residents there was "no reason to be alarmed" by an increased number of armed police officers on the street in the aftermath of the attack. Trump took to Twitter to label the response "pathetic", and tried to suggest that Khan was attempting to minimise the attack itself. Lord defended Trump's stance, insisting he was right to criticise the mayor of a major city who is dealing with a major attack. Visibly exasperated by Jeffrey's blind defense of Trump, Anderson asked: "I mean Jeff, would you defend, why not then defend and say, what if he had tweeted against Ariana Grande for not providing enough security at her venue? I mean, would that be fair too?" Jeffrey responded: "Sure, sure. I mean what you're trying to illustrate is there is a serious problem here and we have collectively in this world not taken this serious enough. And people are getting killed for it." If Jeffrey Lord had a shred of credibility, the inference that Ariana should be held responsible for an attack at her concert would be even more repugnant than it already is. Watch the exchange below: More stories: Watch: Ariana Grande’s tearful performance of ‘Over The Rainbow’ at One Love Manchester 17 pictures of Tongan Olympic swimmer Amini Fonua that will make you glad to be gay