Colin Farrell: 'I support gay marriage in Ireland with every fibre of my being'

Colin Farrell will campaign for same-sex marriage during a chatshow appearance on Irish TV tonight (January 19). Ireland is set to vote on the issue next year, with a referendum asking the country if they want to legalise gay marriage due to take place in May. Colin Farrell The actor, who makes the comments during an appearance on RTÉ show Claire Byrne Live, argues that it is "too easy" for straight couples to be parents and says that it's "grossly unfair" that his gay brother had to leave the country in order to marry his partner. "To see them every day live their lives as a happily married couple is an amazing thing, and to think that they had to leave their own country to do that is sad and disappointing and just grossly unfair, I feel," says Farrell. He continues: "It's too easy for heterosexuals to be parents, if you want the truth. It's too easy. There are too many of us who find it too easy to have a kid. Too many parents around the world don't parent their kids, because it was a five-minute thing and there it is." Going on to talk about Ireland's forthcoming referendum, the actor adds: "I carry Ireland with me everywhere I go, and I love my country deeply...This is my 'coming out of the closet', as it were, publicly and saying that I support this vote with every fibre of my being." Meanwhile, Farrell recently wrote an emotional heartfelt open letter urging Ireland to legalise same-sex marriage - read it here. More stories: ‘Maleficent’ star Brenton Thwaites comes out as bisexual? Neil Patrick Harris set to become People’s first ever gay ‘Sexiest Man Alive’?