Colin Farrell says Ewan McGregor is "well hung"

Colin Farrell has revealed some rather intimate details about Ewan McGregor's manhood. Farrell, who worked with McGregor on 2007 thriller Cassandra's Dream, made the comments in an interview with Nylon Guys, where he suggested that the Scottish actor "isn't as proud as he should be" for a man with such a sizeable package. Ewan "I don’t think Ewan is as proud of his penis as most men who are as well hung would or should or could be," said Farrell. "I think that’s the greatest demonstration of his innate humility, that he doesn’t wear it like a badge of honor." Meanwhile, Farrell - who has an openly gay brother - recently said that he supports gay marriage in Ireland with "every fibre of his being" - find out more here. More stories: ‘Maleficent’ star Brenton Thwaites comes out as bisexual? Neil Patrick Harris set to become People’s first ever gay ‘Sexiest Man Alive’?