Collabro star talks penis piercing: 'Maybe I'll tweet a photo'

cOLLABCollabro singer Thomas Redgrave (pictured far right) has revealed that he has a penis piercing. The Britain's Got Talent winners sat down with Heat magazine to discuss their triumph on the ITV series, but the conversation took a slightly different turn. Asked why he chose to have the piercing, 24-year-old Thomas replied: "My friend had it done and I quite admired it. [All laugh.] Not like that. "When I was younger I had 15 piercings and now I'm down to five, but because I'm hiding them it's better to get one there, so only I know I have it." He added that his bandmates are "weirdly" keen to see the piercing, with Michael Auger suggesting that he tweet a photo of it if the band reach 100,000 Twitter followers. "[Shouting.] Tweet it? [Thinks.] Erm, maybe one day," he responded. The singer didn't seem keen to discuss the piercing in much more detail, but did say that he has received compliments from those who have "experienced it". Last week, Collabro signed a deal with Simon Cowell's Syco label, and will release their debut album on July 14. > Zac Efron on nudity: ‘There’s nothing I wouldn’t try’ > Courtney Love: ‘I’ve got cock written all over my brow’