Collabro vow to strip off for Attitude

Collabro beefcake Richard Hadfield has promised Attitude readers that he and his sexy bandmates will peel off for our next Naked issue. Speaking after the group’s sensational live show at London’s Palladium on Sunday, he admitted that he and the fellas were gutted that they weren’t ready for our current chart-topping Naked Issue. Collabro "We were looking to do it but we felt we needed to get more in shape," the scrummy occasional rugby player, pictured below, confided at the after show party of the group's Palladium gig. "I think I want to lose a little bit of weight before I do it." Assuring him that Attitude readers were more than impressed by his muscular physique (we gave him a wee rub just to check), he teased us about which body parts were his favourites. "I like my arms," he told us. "and maybe my back! My least favourite is my stomach - but that's all about to change." 4edit Although (frustratingly) straight, Richard, who with his bandmates won Britain’s Got Talent last summer after performing the Les Mis song Stars, admits that he is absolutely loving all the gay attention he gets. "The gay [fans] are awesome," he told us. "I haven't had any lewd messages yet from any of them although I was referred to as Bob the Builder at a meet and greet recently which was followed by a tight squeeze during the photo. Some fans can get a little hands-on!" Meanwhile, the band's gay member Jamie Lambert admits that this Valentine's Day is going to be a loveless one for him. "I have no plans for Valentine's apart from being on tour!" he admitted backstage. "The day after is a day off so I will be relaxing and catching up on Cougar Town." 1edit However, the handsome chappy, pictured above, is on the lookout for lurve, admitting that his ideal celebrity crushes are Duncan from Blue and Tom Daley. When we asked him how his straight bandmates would rate as boyfriends he told us: Michael - "He would be the kind of boyfriend who would take you for classy dinners and quick surprise getaways." Matt - "He is such a joker so I can imagine him pranking his girlfriend but he's also very sweet so he gets away with it and he's very sensitive." Richard - "He is the complete opposite of what you would expect him to be - he gets all cuddly like a big cuddly bear and speaks in a special cute voice." Tom - "The most laidback of boyfriends, he would gladly just play games and watch Japanese cartoons all night, no pressure." Jamie - "And me? I  need to be looked after, definitely. I'm always in charge! Boyfriends need to deal with my double standards as I have high standards for everyone else, haha!" Collabro, who release a second album in the summer, are currently touring the UK, treating their fans to a slew of ballads such as Secrets, With You and a slow acoustic version of the Friends theme tune, I'll Be There For You!  Visit their website for more info.  -Interview by Christian Guiltenane.