Colton Haynes hits out against 'liars and manipulators' in Instagram post

Colton Haynes has been hitting the headlines recently, first for coming out as gay and earlier this week for saving a fan after she collapsed during a comic book convention in Birmingham. Yesterday (May 20) Haynes took to Instagram, posting a photo that hits out at people he feels have 'brainwashed' or 'manipulated' him. The 27 year-old actor who is known for playing superhero Arsenal on CW’s Arrow, didn't mention names but told upcoming actors to "be careful" with who they work with. "Watch out for liars, brainwashers and manipulators," he starts. "Those who promise you the world then f*ck you over leaving you blindsided."

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He tells his followers that "If and when this happens to you, I promise you will make it out alive." "Take it from me, I knew it was happening the entire time and I'm doing so much better in life without that fake influence who projected negativity on me because they were too afraid to own up to their own insecurities. Sorry for the realness... actually I'm not." "I'm done apologising for things I didn't do," he finished. We can only wonder what happened here but way to go Colton! If you can't get enough Haynes then take a look at the naked fan art he shared for 'National Send A Nude Day'. More stories: Is this Charlie by Matthew Zink’s hottest photoshoot yet? Calling all slut-shamers: ‘There’s no such thing as too much sex’