Colton Haynes sparks fan frenzy after releasing new 'Daddy' merchandise range

The internet has gone into meltdown after Colton Haynes launched his own "super limited edition" clothing line. Haynes 1 The Arrow star took to Twitter for the launch of the website. In a YouTube video, Haynes is seen juggling lemons as he urges his fans to get onto the website. They did, and within minutes the site had crashed. His limited edition collection includes t-shirts, baseball hats and more that feature the words 'Anxious' and 'Daddy'. Haynes 3 The 27-year-old has spoken candidly about his battle with anxiety in the past, but some might be wondering why 'Daddy'? Well, he answered that on Twitter. He wrote, "I did the DADDY Merch cause y'all have always called me that on Twitter and y'all know why I did the ANXIOUS items!" Haynes 2 It was all too much for Haynes as he then started to cry, "I think I'm crying but I can't feel anything right now. I might be laughing or smiling but who knows?" After the tears, some of the limited edition items had already sold out, with Haynes apologising and promsing they'll be restocked soon. We can only imagine how many shirts Noah Galvin ordered... tumblr_mq040y0JGi1sq8ovro1_500 More stories: How many gay men would actually use PrEP? The results are in… ‘Decision to withhold PrEP shows the government and health services are contributing to the HIV epidemic’