Commonwealth Hotties: English gymnast Sam Oldham

Next up in our #CommonwealthHotties series is buff gymnast Sam Oldham, who is competing as part of Team England in Glasgow at the moment. The 21-year-old isn't shy when it comes to flashing the flesh on Instagram (@oldham93 if you like what you see), and you can check out the pictures below. Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 15.57.00 353e4334de8411e2acc922000ae81df1_7 1389254_634134089972039_1571160694_n 050c31367a0b11e2a9dd22000a9e29a7_7 If you like Sam, then why not check out some of our other #CommonwealthHotties: > South African swimmer Chad Le ClosScottish swimmer Martin Cremin (who's an Attitude reader, FYI)  English swimmer Liam Tancock