Congressman David Cicilline receives hateful threats for Trump impeachment efforts

"You poked the f*****g bear this time you little b***h."


Words: Jamie Tabberer; picture: Wiki

Gay congressman David Cicilline has shared disturbing and hateful threats he has received for his efforts to impeach US President Donald Trump.

The House is poised to impeach Trump on charges of 'incitement of insurrection' for his role in last week's storming of the Capitol Building in Washington DC by his supporters.

Following the introduction of an article of impeachment on Monday, Cicilline - who's served as Representative for Rhode Island's 1st congressional district since 2011 - has received a number of abusive voicemail messages.

"If you impeach him, civil war is on"

The messages, shared with CNN, include: "You poked the fucking bear this time, you little bitch” and “If you impeach him, civil war is on, buddy.”

Another said: “You’ve got 80 fucking million people coming after you, you commie little fucks."

The lawmaker, who is one of the authors of the impeachment article, and his team have informed law enforcement of the messages.

Cicilline also serves as co-chair of the Congressional LGBT Equality Caucus,

The violent scenes on 6 January 2021 in DC followed a speech by Trump in which he encouraged supporters to overturn his defeat by Joe Biden in last November’s presidential election. Five are dead, including one police officer.

After the interruption, US Congress certified Democrat Biden’s victory; he will now be sworn in on 20 January.

"What happened last Wednesday was an abomination"

Writing for the New York Times about the impeachment on Monday, Cicilline said: "There can be no healing of the divisions in our country without justice for the man most responsible for this horrific insurrection. The president must be held accountable. That can happen only by impeaching him for a second time and convicting him in the Senate. A conviction that would allow Congress to prohibit him from ever serving in federal office again.

"What happened last Wednesday was an abomination. There is no question about that. There is also no question that Mr. Trump becomes more of a threat to public safety by the moment.

"The only question now is what Congress will do about it."