Conrad Hilton shouts homophobic slur in court as judge orders him to psychiatric hospital

Conrad Hilton shouted a homophobic slur in court on Wednesday as he appeared in front of a judge for the first time since his arrest on charges of grand theft auto and violating a restraining order. The 23-year-old heir to the Hilton Hotel empire branded a photographer  "so f**king gay" as he appeared in a Los Angeles courtroom, where his bail was set at $90,000 and he was ordered to attend a psychiatric hospital in Houston for evaluation. The younger brother of Paris was arrested outside the home of his ex-girlfriend's mother, actress E.G. Daily, in the early hours of Saturday (May 6). As well as violating a restraining order against ex-girlfriend Hunter Daily Salomon, he is alleged to have been in possession of a stolen a car belonging to her father, poker player Rick Salomon. During his arrest, Hilton was captured on camera going on a homophobia and racist tirade; repeatedly calling an officer a "faggot" and accusing him of sexual assault. As he was body-searched by officers, Hilton could be overheard screaming: "You just put your hand on my crotch! You fucking faggot. You just touched my dick. That’s why I f**king hate you. F**k you." He continued: “It’s as clean as your asshole – not very clean, you faggot. It’s cleaner than the crack-pipe you wish you could smoke but I won’t let you, bitch.” The troubled star later added: “I’m Conrad motherfucking Hilton – don’t you forget it!”

Hilton's arrest comes a year after he allegedly "screamed and threatened flight attendants" and branded fellow passengers "f**king peasants" on a flight from London to Los Angeles.

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