Couple have gasoline poured over them in vicious homophobic attack in Verona

Andrea Gardoni and Angelo Amato were also attacked by a group of men last year


A couple have been attacked in a vicious homophobic assault for the second time.

Andrea Gardoni and Angelo Amato got married in Spain three years ago and now live in Verona but on Thursday (September 13), the couple woke up after hearing noises outside their home.

When they opened the door, Andrea saw a dark figure who poured gasoline over him before running away,

He told The Post: “At first, I didn’t realise it was gasoline. All I could feel was the skin of my face, my eyes, and my throat burning.”

The couple then found three empty tanks outside their door and the attacker had reportedly painted swastikas on the wall and wrote Nazi slurs including; ‘f*****s burn’ and ‘we will send you all to the gas chambers’.

This isn’t the first attack the couple have experienced after they were insulted and slapped by a group of men last year.

Gabriele Piazzoni, the national secretary of Italian LGBTI group Arcigay, said: “It is a terrible aggression, unprecedented.

“We are witnessing a very serious increase in violence, in which the homophobic and transphobic hatred takes on dramatic and absolutely alarming forms.

“The fascists are now out of control, legitimized by a policy that uses their own arguments and makes them strong. We ask the whole anti-fascist community of this country to take action.”