Couple stabbed and beaten in an alleged homophobic attack outside their home

The couple claim they were targeted by people from their work because they are in a relationship


Words: Steve Brown

A couple were reportedly stabbed and beaten in a horrific homophobic attack on the porch of their home, while neighbours watched.

Charles Clements picked up his partner Vincent from work and on their way home, one of Vincent’s co-workers and another person followed them to their home in Las Vegas, FOX5 reported.

When they arrived home, the two men attacked the couple and one of the attackers picked up a shard of glass from a broken table and stabbed Vincent.

Clements said: “I was about to unlock the door, the next thing I hear, he’s calling my name. I come back, I see my boyfriend fighting with the guy.

“He picked up the glass. I was like, ‘Don’t do that’. And he started stabbing my boyfriend in the back. The guy was kicking him in his ribs.

Clements was left with cuts and an injury to his head and his partner had two broken ribs and a punctured lung and both had to go to the hospital for treatment.

The victims claim that their neighbours watched, and no one reported the attack to the police.

“Neighbours, everybody just looking,” Clements added. “Nobody called the police.

“It was all about gay bashing. The guy came up to my boyfriend’s job, calling him an abomination, calling him a fag.

“I don’t want to be in this apartment no more because I’m afraid they’re going to come back.”

Watch the FOX5 report below: