Courtney Act and Andrew Brady reunite in tonight's Celebrity Big Brother - watch

But there's a twist...


Celebrity Big Brother contestants Andrew Brady and Courtney Act will reunite, but there's a twist.

In a short clip ahead of tonight's episode of the reality TV show, Brady surprises the drag queen with a brief appearance in the house. 

In the video, Brady calls for the drag queen while a confused Courtney, real name Shane Jenek, wanders around the living room and searches for the source of the voice. 

After he directs Act to the housemate wall and asks her to remain quiet, Act creeps over to a screen displaying a video call from Brady. 

As she attempts to contain her laugher and excitement, Brady confesses how proud he is. 

He says: "Mate I'm so proud of you. You are smashing it, you really are."

Act thanks him before Brady adds: "And you look fit tonight." 

"This is so cool," Act whispers before asking: "Am I allowed to do this?"

"Yeah, this is part of a secret task," Brady explains. "I've not hijacked it, don't worry. I've been allowed permission in here, it's all good."

But what is the secret task Brady was teasing? We'll have to wait to find out.

Meanwhile, the recently evicted Amanda Barrie said she won't judge Ann Widdecombe over her anti-gay views as a long as "she doesn't inflict them" on her. 

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight on Channel 5.

Watch Courtney and Andrew's reunion below: