Courtney Act claims she wasn't as 'bitchy' as editing on RuPaul's Drag Race suggested

The CBB winner reveals all in the new issue of attitude


Courtney Act has suggested that she didn't come across as she'd intended to when she appeared on RuPaul's Drag Race. 

The star ended up finishing Top Three on her season, losing out to eventual winner Bianca Del Rio. But during her time on the show, Courtney claims that there were some scenes that were edited in a way that made her seem "bitchier" that she was actually being. 

In one paticularly memorable scene, Courtney was criticised by viewers after she appeared to throw shade at self-declared superfan, Joslyn Fox, during a challenge where they'd been paired up together. 

She tells Attitude's Style Issue: "I know on Drag Race I probably seemed sassier, bitchier or colder. I remember Joslyn Fox and I were doing the make-up advertorial challenge and she said: 'I know let's do a before and after, you can be the before.'"

"She was setting me up, so I was like: "Joslyn, nobody would ever believe you were the after". 

Courtney continues: "Then we both chuckled and thought it was hysterical. But after editing and sound effects, they just cut to her facial expression and people were saying: 'Courtney, you were mean to Joslyn'". 

In an exclusive interview and cover shoot in our Style Issue, the gender-queer drag queen also talks about sexual identity, her crush on Andrew Brady, being a feminist, and why politics was so important in this year’s CBB house.

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Meanwhile, RuPaul has been forced to apologise after making comments that some regarded as transphobic. 

The Emmy-winning host made a controversial statement over the weekend in regard to allowing trans contestants to compete on Drag Race