Courtney Act exposes Andrew Brady's bum as they play fight on CBB

The Apprentice star has grown close to the Drag Race queen


Celebrity Big Brother's Courtney Act and Andrew Brady can't stop flirting. 

The former Apprentice star admitted to flirting with the RuPaul's Drag Race legend and the pair have continued to grow closer in recent days. 

In footage aired yesterday (January 14), Act and Brady were the only two housemates awake and were seen joking around in the living room.

Act then tried pulling Brady's trousers down to which he joked: "That's assault".

However, the drag queen then pulled down Brady's underwear, exposing his bum as she said: "That's not assault... this is!"

Brady pulled his trousers back up, picked Act up and threw her onto the sofa as she tried pulling his trousers down again.

The pair then began to play fight and Act was seen throwing pillows at the Apprentice hunk until Big Brother intervened

Some viewers suggested that Big Brother should have warned Courtney after she pulled down Andrew's pants, while others defended the star and claimed that the pair were just having fun. 

Just last week, Brady confessed to flirting with the drag queen and was shown enjoying a 'romantic' bath with her.