Cristiano Ronaldo targeted with homophobic abuse during El Clásico game

Christiano Ronaldo was targeted with homophobic abuse during a match against Barcelona yesterday as supporters slurred and chanted their way through the game. The chants of "Cristiano come out of the closet" could be heard all over the stadium but were drowned out by whistles of home supporters. According to the Metro, Barcelona could now face action because of the chants. However this wasn't the first time the Portuguese Real Madrid player, who recently stripped off for the mannequin challenge, was subjected to homophobic abuse when his team played Atletico Madrid earlier this year and Ronaldo was called a "f*ggot" by midfielder Koke. Ronaldo replied by saying he was "a f*ggot with a lot of money, sh*thead." The footballer has constantly refused to comment on speculations about his sexuality. Meanwhile, French sports presenter caused controversy last year after implying that Ronaldo’s relationship with boxer Badr Hari was more than just friendship, while a German newspaper was criticised earlier this summer for appearing to question the footballing hero’s sexuality after he shared photos of men relaxing aboard his luxury yacht. More stories: Campaigners call for national AIDS memorial in London These HIV-positive gay men are stripping off to tackle stigma on World AIDS Day – PICS