Croatia's famous Zrće Beach to host the hottest new gay festival

A new island in the Adriatic is about to see a gay occupation.


In partnership with Rhapsody Festival

In the chaotic world of festivals, why add another one?

It’s actually very simple, because it’s the same thing that's led us to all of our best unexpected experiences: a thirst for adventure.

That thirst is what pushes us to search for the new: new places, a new high, a new toy, a new boy, and a brand new experience.

Although Croatia is not an unknown territory in the world of music, festivals and summer experiences, this summer it will open its doors and heart for the first time to the LGBTQ community.

Exploration and fun will combine for the first time as Rhapsody Festival takes place from 14–17 June 2020 on Croatia's famous Zrće Beach.

Pag island is a beautiful party island built from hidden, deserted beaches as blue as your mothers eyes. With locally-grown but world class food, yachts, villas and secret afterhours parties, this festival will have it all in 2020.

There aren't many new places that can guarantee a mixt like this one: Rhapsody Festival will feed your body with all pleasure it can possibly take in four days.

Hosted by one of the top 20 worldwide clubs (DJ MAG official), Noa Beach Club will make Rhapsody 2020 one of the most memorable moments of your year.

With the club set on the beach and over the waterfront, the spectacular view combines the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic sea with the impressive snowy tops of mountain Velebit. It will give you goosebumps.

Offering one of the best programmes on the part circuit, Rhapsody Festival is coming at you with the best music, art, nature combo in the game - and the line-up is one of the best there is.

Superstar producer DJ Aron (Israel) and internationally loved DJs like Ben Bakson and Dan Slater will be joined by surprise live guests and drag queen DJs, in a club made over by an insanely creative and immersive art production crew.

Rhapsody have partnered with the hottest brands on the market, so that you know we mean business.

Bringing on:

  • Matinee Group and its darkest horse: PERVERT: The Pleasure of Darkness – a party that will take you deep inside and make you explore all parts of your personal pleasures.
  • Rhapsody's own messed-up madness – a circus of colour, music, laughter, sweat, sun and all the meat you could ever want. Satisfaction incoming!
  • MYSTERIA is another Rhapsody festival brainchild – a program that might turn you into an alien and take you on a tour of the summer side of the universe. Prepare for take off…

And nope, that's not all we have prepared… There will be an intimate themed boat party packed with fun and sun and a secret, exclusive after-hours party: dancers and entertainers will be plentiful.

For more information and tickets visit or follow Rhapsody Festival on Facebook and Instagram.