Cuba's new constitution could allow same-sex marriages

The Cuban government are currently developing a new constitution.


Cuba's new constitution could lead to allowing same-sex marriages.

The Cuban government are currently developing a new constitution and one of the major changes could eventually allow for same-sex marriages. 

According to official state newspaper Granma, the definition of marriage will be redefined to as a "voluntary and consensual union between two people without distinction of sex."

Homero Acosta, the country's secretary of the council of state, told Reuters: "The possibility of marriage between two people strengthens our project's principles of equality and justice." 

While the new constitution wouldn't immediately legalise same-sex marriages in the country, it will make future legislative processes easier. 

The National Assembly is currently debating the draft constitution for approval this weekend and it will pass through a "popular consultation" before the final draft is voted on in a national referendum. 

Homosexuality has been legal in Cuba since 1979 but LGBT people lack protections against discrimination.

Meanwhile, countries surrounding Cuba, such as Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay, have already legalised same-sex marriage.