Cucumber star Dino Fetscher talks to aTEEN about his new role

Back in the first issue of aTEEN we introduced you guys to the very beautiful young actor Dino Fetscher, tipping him for big things. Since then, following his jaw – and indeed pant – dropping appearance in a brilliant episode of Banana, the world has really sat up and taken notice of the handsome devil. Now, as you’d expect, even bigger things are predicted for the shy boy from Wales as showbiz bods in Hollywood scurry to get a piece of him. But before we lose him to Tinseltown, Dino is set to move us on stage in London in a new production of As Is, by William M Hoffman, a funny and touching play about the AIDS epidemic in the 80s. Here, Dino tells aTEEN about the new production and what life is like post-Banana! 7504BW-1024x706 Hey Dino, tell us about your new play... As Is is a wonderfully powerful play by William M Hoffman set in the mid 80s following the story of characters Rich and Saul as their lives are effected by the AIDs epidemic. It’s a timeless, beautiful story about the strength of the human spirit and it’s really bloody funny too. We are opening at Trafalgar Studios in Studio 2 on the 1st of July. I am so excited to be part of it. I play an eclectic of very interesting characters from Rich’s family-man brother, to lovely Barney who is working on the AIDS hotline and a few other golden fellows. When you read it what effect did it have on you? When I first read it I was very moved, as I am with every time I read it; it’s an incredible story and so brilliantly crafted. The characters are so visceral and tangible you really go on a journey with them. The play kind of threw me around; one minute I was in hysterics and the next blubbing like a baby. 7423-BW-775x1024 Have you researched the time? Can you believe how people living with AIDS were treated back then? Times have changed! Yes, we’ve looked a lot into the 80s in our research. It’s just phenomenal how far we have come since then. When the virus first appeared people had no idea what it was, people were frightened and wanted to quickly wash their hands of the subject. As far as we have come now though what I still find shocking is that there is still such a stigma attached to HIV. It is no longer a death sentence, the medical advances have been incredible. Do you think we are too complacent about HIV and AIDS these days? Do you think we need more awareness? I’d say our education systems should continue to teach young people about the risks of contracting the virus and other STIs. I wouldn’t say we are complacent; I have always had safe sex values instilled from a very young age. I think there needs to be a big update in education on HIV though. There was so much from my research that I had no idea about. As Is plays Trafalgar Studios (Studio 2), 14 Whitehall, London SW1A 2DY Wednesday 1st July – Saturday 1st August 2015. You can read our full interview with Dino, plus much more, in the new issue of aTEEN - available for digital download now from pocketmags.com/aTEEN stereo cover