The party announced yesterday (February 3) that they hope to introduce age-appropriate compulsory sex and relationships education to children of all ages in every state school in the UK, in a bid to help tackle homophobia and sexual abuse. Read the plans in full here. Labour The proposals have been criticised in today's (February 4) Daily Mail, where Margaret Morrissey of Parents Outloud has argued that "we need to let children be children" rather than showing them material that they could find "quite scary".
"We need to let children be children, particularly at key stage one, when many are still not very mature and may find this kind of material confusing and quite scary. Are we really saying at the age of five children have to put their childhood behind them and learn about all the things adults have to deal with."
The UK's most notorious newspaper disagreeing with legislation that would help stamp out homophobia? We'd never have guessed. eye roll_0 More Stories: ISIS throw another allegedly gay man to his death Priest refuses to resign over gay porn past