Daily Mail sparks outrage after implying Stephen Fry & Elliott Spencer aren't truly 'married'

Eagle-eyed readers of the Daily Mail today noticed a snub directed towards Stephen Fry, in which his husband was referred to inside inverted commas. A story about the QI host's move to America read: "Stephen Fry, 58, is to move to LA with his 'husband', aspiring comedian Elliott Spencer, 28." Fry and Spencer married legally in the UK on 17 January 2015. The story fell within the sidebar column of journalist Ephraim Hardcastle, who Twitter user Sarah Cox claims has previously referred to Elton John as David Furnish's 'wife'. It also appears on the Mail Online today, with the inverted commas replicated in the photo credit. STEPHEN FRY Fry and Spencer married in January last year at Fry's local registry in Dereham, Norfolk, after first being romantically linked in summer 2014. Fry later admitted he was a "very, very happy" man, and shared a picture of the couple signing the wedding register together - something which made them husbands in the eyes of the law, not 'husbands', we might add. 24CA0E5700000578-2914707-Stephen_Fry_has_married_partner_Elliott_Spencer_sharing_the_happ-m-6_1421518569616 Twitter users commented on the perceived double standard implied by the use of the inverted commas. Attitude have reached out to the Daily Mail for comment. More stories: Stephen Fry's husband talks of homophobia on honeymoon Stephen Fry tackles mental health in new BBC documentary