Daily Mail use gay judge's sexuality to denounce him in "The judges who blocked Brexit" article.

The Daily Mail were forced to make some swift edits after a headline that made a completely unnecessary allusion to the sexuality of one of the judges who ruled that Brexit must be voted for in parliament was widely derided online. In a short profile of the three judges who have stopped the Prime Minister from beginning negotiations on Brexit without Parliament's consent, the MailOnline wrote: "One founded a EUROPEAN law group, another charged the taxpayer millions for advice and the third is an openly gay ex-Olympic fencer.” The openly gay ex-Olympic fencer in question is  Sir Terence Etherton, one of the country's most senior judges. He has over forty years of experience. But apparently his sexuality is more important than his credentials when deciding the fate of the country. The site, which has been accused of homophobia a number of times this year following their coverage on the legal battle for PrEP and Chris Mears and Jack Laugher's Olympic celebrations, quickly edited out bizarre reference to the Judge's sexuality. screen-shot-2016-11-03-at-13-33-12   But unfortunately for the Daily Mail, screen grabs live forever.       Gay judges? Whatever next!