Daniel Jaems' Obsession- No#5 Jason Morgan

One of our favourite photographers here at attitude, Daniel Jaems has just dropped this in our inbox, and we thought, as it is a grey and rainy Tuesday, you might need something to warm you up: Daniel's latest installment of Obsession (No #5) is with regulation hottie, Jason Morgan. Obsession-No-5-Jason-Morgan-by-Daniel-Jaems-09 Obsession-No-5-Jason-Morgan-by-Daniel-Jaems-11 Obsession-No-5-Jason-Morgan-by-Daniel-Jaems-17 Obsession-No-5-Jason-Morgan-by-Daniel-Jaems-08 Obsession-No-5-Jason-Morgan-by-Daniel-Jaems-07 Obsession-No-5-Jason-Morgan-by-Daniel-Jaems-14 Obsession-No-5-Jason-Morgan-by-Daniel-Jaems-18 There are 27 images for you to carefully peruse over, but we thought this might overwhelm you- if you think you can take it, then have a look at to see the shoto in all its glory. We also love Daniel's past obsession one of our favourite active models Leo Corredor (we haven't forgotten you Leo, we still love you) And the cover of this month's issue with Louis Smith