Danny Dyer's incredible bulge stole the show on Eastenders last night - WATCH

Tight trousers may shape the thigh and lift the butt, but if you're packing a little something extra in the front, they can render your crotch rather NSFW - as Mick Carter [Danny Dyer] found out in last night's EastEnders. The soap shared the hilarious clip to their Twitter account, which shows Mick entering the kitchen, bulge a'blazin, unaware that his wife Linda (Kelly Bright) was sat opposite Sharon (Letitia Dean). "So the rumours are true?" Sharon jokes, as Mick makes a hasty retreat from the kitchen. https://twitter.com/bbceastenders/status/811294724778659840 Thankfully, Mick didn't change, and continued to distract (and delight) viewers for the rest of the episode. "Best episode yet" proclaimed one fan, while another named Ellie implored soapland to "give him an award". "Best thing on TV", wrote one viewer, called Helen. "Thank God for playback." Ellie, Helen, we couldn't agree more. Easteneders continues tomorrow at 7.30pm on BBC One. More stories: Hunky boyfriends become husbands-to-be after adorable flash mob proposal Hot Peruvian chef Franco Noriega shares eye-popping Instagram story (NSFW)