David Furnish says he was misrepresented over Elton John title remarks

David Furnish has dismissed claims that he said he deserved a title to accompany that of his husband, Sir Elton John. Yesterday, Furnish was reported to have told the Daily Mail that the husband of a man who has received a title under the Queen's honours system should also receive a title. They quoted the 53-year-old as saying: “The reality is, if a woman is married to man with a title, she gets a title. I think everybody should have the same opportunities and the same privileges and the same honours.” He added: “I haven’t thought about what would be an appropriate designation for the husband of a Sir.” Under current legislation, the wife of someone who has been knighted would become a 'Lady', but there is no mechanism to give a man their spouses' title, whether they are married to a man or a woman. Taking to Instagram today (April 4), Furnish described the presentation of the article as "shameful" and "a total misrepresentation" of his comments.
"My conversation has been twisted and distorted in an attempt to paint me in an unflattering light. At no point did I ever say that I personally wanted or deserved any title," he wrote. "My comments were that all men and women should be treated equally in our society and that should apply to our Honours System as well." Elton John was knighted by Queen Elizabeth in 1998 for services to music and charitable services. He and David, who were civil partnered in 2005, had a full marriage at their home in Windsor in 2015. They have two sons. More stories Donald Trump previously celebrated Elton John's wedding Complaint lodged as Cristiano Ronaldo targeted with homophobic abuse during match