Dax Shepard denies new film 'CHiPS' is homophobic

Dax Shepard's new film, CHiPS, has been accused of being homophobic as it features several scenes in which the main characters appear to be visibly disturbed by the idea of male-on-male contact. One scene sees an FBI agent accidentally face-planting his partner's crotch before freaking out. Another scene features the agent looking uncomfortable in a police locked full of men in their underwear. Dax Shepard, who directed and starred in the film, has denied the film being homophobic. Speaking to the Huffington Post, Shepard claimed it was "fun and challenging" to tackle homophobia with the said scenes. "I do think it's fun and challenging to have a topic like homophobia be in this movie to do it correctly. That's a very fun challenge." "The intent isn't homophobic, the intent is actually to be progressive and still deal with that issue because that issue is always going to be funny - all those issues are going to be funny." Shepard's wife, Kristen Bell, also defended the film, saying: "He is the most un-homophobic person you could ever find - I mean, we waited until everyone could get married before we got married, based on principle." According to Gay Star News, the film has three gay characters including a dirty cop and an armored car driver who are secretly a couple. The third gay character is another cop who is proudly promiscuous who tells female officers he'd sleep with Shepard's character or Michael Pena's. Related stories: Hugh Jackman refused to wear a ‘c**k sock’ on the Wolverine set – so the crew gave him a big surprise Pietro Boselli gives us all a heart attack as he shows off his muscles in sexy holiday snaps