DC Comics court gay readers with duo's 'steam bath' pairing

DC Comics are having some fun with fans today, teasing rather a steamy image from one of their comics online. "Fans have been clamoring for a Dick Grayson/Midnighter reunion and it’s finally here," write the comic book experts over at HitFix in announcing the new image. And what a reunion - in this teaser from the new comic Midnighter #4, the two comic book heroes are shown stripped to the waist and looking very buff indeed. "Grayson and Midnighter walk into a steam bath and, presumably, launch a thousand Tumblr posts," say DC Comics - showing that they know EXACTLY what they're doing in stirring up some homoerotic fan speculation. https://instagram.com/p/7IOW8FuUF6/ Amid some angry fan reactions under the Instagram post from some readers wondering why two pre-existing characters are 'suddenly gay' ('Are they gonna shoot rainbows outta their asses?!' was a particular favourite of ours), came this voice of reason from Insta-user MaxPower044: "They're not making Grayson gay! They do a bunch of out of context gay jokes in Grayson all the time just to get a rise outta the lame fan fic and tumblr crowds." Well, we can dream. After all, DC Comics has recent form in this area - earlier this year we brought you the news that they were introducing a new Grindr-using gay superhero into the fold. More stories: London clinic accidentally reveals details of 780 HIV patients Sue Perkins has had a brain tumour for past eight years