Debra Messing reveals her favourite ‘Will & Grace’ memory

Former Will & Grace star Debra Messing has revealed her favourite on-set moment from her time working on the hit comedy series, which ran for 188 episodes from 1998-2006. Though she sadly couldn’t make the recent NBC reunion special, which reunited Sean Hayes, Megan Mullally and Eric McCormack alongside cast members from Friends, The Big Bang Theory and Cheers, the 47-year-old actress did get a chance to reminisce with TV Line, where she said her favourite behind-the-scenes moment involved co-star Sean Hayes. “Every year, there was a very serious, official, three-hour talk about sexual harassment. Every year, so that everyone understands what it is and what the consequences are,” she said. “Sean [Hayes], being his irreverent self, once walked out into the parking lot afterwards and dropped his pants, and his underpants, and was walking around butt-naked, going, “Is this inappropriate behaviour? “Does this count as inappropriate behaviour?” I saw his white, white, white ass hobbling around towards his car and I almost peed my pants.” tumblr_inline_mry82bq2Md1qz4rgp More stories: Man in critical condition after collapsing at Liverpool gay sauna Adele lets son dress as Frozen’s Princess Anna for trip to Disneyland