Debra Messing shames creep by sharing his d*ck pic with the world

It's a lesson some fellas could do with learning: As proud as you might be of your crown jewels, they do not need sending to people who don't ask for it. One overly-amorous Debra Messing 'fan' (read: creep) has found out the hard way (no pun intended), after the former Will & Grace star shared an explicit picture he'd sent her with the world, telling him not only to "respect women", but to respect himself too. debra2 The 47-year-old Mysteries of Laura actress was having a quiet Tuesday night when suddenly she was confronted with a surprise of the one-eyed variety. https://twitter.com/DebraMessing/status/666429451144716288 https://twitter.com/DebraMessing/status/666431494144049153 But it wasn't all. Deciding to make an example of the creep in question, the 47-year-old decided to share the picture to her 250,000 followers, with the caption: "Sending pix like this is NEVER OK". She added: "RESPECT WOMEN. RESPECT YOURSELVES", https://twitter.com/DebraMessing/status/666739857625059329 https://twitter.com/DebraMessing/status/666740998412894208 Responding to a woman who said her male friends told her to accept such behaviour as "part of being pretty", Debra called bullshit, arguing that no one "invites" explicit images and harassment without their say so. https://twitter.com/DebraMessing/status/667106947225792512 And while some criticised her for giving the man in question "exactly what he wanted" - i.e. world recognition of his 'very large' penis - she refused to give him any kudos. https://twitter.com/DebraMessing/status/667109414017605636 Finally, after it all died down, Debs proved she could read us like a book. https://twitter.com/DebraMessing/status/666769135146246144 She's got us there - 'Debra Messing' and 'dick pics' combine two of our interests... Meanewhile, we recently caught up with Olympic medal-winning freeskier Gus Kenworthy, who admitted that his own inbox has been flooded with unsolicited dick pics since he came out last month - check out our exclusive chat with the 24-year-old world champion here. More stories: You won't believe what X Factor's Ray Qinn looks like now Man shares pictures of shocking Grindr racism in the wake of Paris attacks