Derren Brown out-sasses homophobic Twitter troll

DerrenDerren Brown tweeted the perfect response after becoming the target of a homophobic twitter troll this week. Despite Brown being open about his sexuality for a number of years now, it appeared that the Twitter user in question had only just discovered that the famous illusionist is an out and proud gay man. In a succession of tweets, @HossamAlyyy bombarbed Brown with homophobic slurs, saying that he was "really shocked" to find out about his "gayness and shit". Check out the tweets below: n-DERREN-BROWN-HOMOPHOBIC-TWEETS-570 After spotting the homophobic remarks, Brown tweeted a brilliantly sassy retort: Gifs More stories: Homosexual thoughts ‘are an essential part of evolution’ Olympic figure skater Eric Radford comes out as gay