Dexter Fletcher denies rumours that Paramount Studios wants to cut sex scene from 'Rocketman'

The scene allegedly sees Taron Egerton and Richard Madden naked in bed together


Words: Steve Brown

Dexter Fletcher has denied rumours that Paramount has cut a sex scene from the upcoming Elton John biopic.

The filmmaker has helmed the new biopic, Rocketman, detailing the life of one of the most iconic, gay singers around and stars Taron Egerton as John as well as Richard Madden and Jamie Bell.

However, rumours surfaced that Paramount were pushing for a sex scene where Egerton and Madden are seen naked in bed together to be cut from the final film.

But now Fletcher – who stepped in to finish Bohemian Rhapsody after Bryan Singer was fired – has denied these rumours are true and said the film studio and producers ‘passionately support’ the film.

He wrote on Twitter: “Seeing much speculation about ROCKETMAN!! That’s good! It’s still unfinished so it’s nothing but rumors.

“It has and always will be the no holds barred, musical fantasy that Paramount and producers passionately support and believe in. See for yourself May 24. Dx x”

Matthew Vaugh, an executive producer on the film, also recently spoke about the film saying John wanted a truthful portrayal of his life.

Vaughn said: “This film is going to make people’s jaws hit the ground.

“Elton just said, ‘Tell it all. Go as R-rated as you need to.’ And we do just that, with his blessing. The flaws and the genius are all there.”