Diplo on new Madonna songs: 'They're crazy-sounding'

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 16.51.20Madonna has recorded "crazy sounding" songs for her new album, one of the producers working on the project has revealed. Back in May, Madonna revealed that she was working with LA-based producer Diplo (pictured, with the singer) on songs for her new album. Diplo – real name Thomas Pentz – made his name working with MIA, herself a former Madonna collaborator, before going on to produce pop hits for Beyoncé (Run The World (Girls)), Usher (Climax) and Nicola Roberts (Beat of My Drum). Yesterday (July 2) he revealed that he and Madonna have recorded a song with an incredible title - and now he has spoken more extensively about their musical collaboration. "It was kind of like I’d give her a week to see if the chemistry was there, but she was up for anything," Diplo told Idolator. "I love when an artist gives a producer the confidence he needs to work with them, and Madonna was very, very open-minded to my ideas. I really love that. A lot of times I’m having to sell my projects and my ideas to them [the artists], but she was down from day one." He then added: "We’ve written about seven songs now, and hopefully maybe four or five will make it to the album. I’ve done about three weeks with her, and we’re gonna do some more projects at the end of July." Discussing the tracks they have worked on together so far, Diplo teased: "We really pushed the envelope with some of the stuff we were doing. The last night we were just having fun, and she was like, 'Yo, give me some of the craziest shit you’ve got right now,' and we literally wrote a song that night on the craziest record I had. And it worked." Meanwhile, yesterday (July 2) Madonna revealed that another song for her new album is called Messiah - click here to find out more and hear a brief preview. Madonna’s last studio album, MDNA, was released in 2012 and reached number one in the US and UK. She scored her 13th and most recent UK chart-topping single with 4 Minutes in 2008.