Director Pedro Almodóvar shares his opinion on Caitlyn Jenner

In our new September issue – available to download and in shops now – we sit down with legendary gay director Pedro Almodóvar, who rose to fame in the early 1980s as one of the world's most attention-grabbing filmmakers. In the interview, Almodóvar talks about his sometimes controversial work, his love of strong female characters, and reveals what he thinks of Caitlin Jenner. While admitting that the 66-year-old reality star's status has helped spread awareness about transgender issues far and wide, he says of Jenner: "You belong to the Kardashian family, but what about making a programme about someone less relevant socially, someone much more common. "I don't want to judge Caitlyn Jenner, but I'm not sure she's a model of what the life of a real transsexual is. They have to struggle with a lot of rejection, with prostitution and a very dangerous types of living." COVER RESIZE You can read the full interview with Pedro Almodóvar in the new issue Attitude, available to download now from pocketmags.com/attitude and in shops now. Print copies are available to order from newsstand.co.uk. More stories: Daily Mail questions Chris Mears and Jack Laughers masculinity after gold medal hug Meet the openly LGBT athletes representing their countries in Rio