Divina de Campo says The Vivienne was always going to win 'Drag Race UK' because 'she was better'

The Vivienne recently publicly cut ties with Divina on social media


Words: Steve Brown

Divina de Campo always knew The Vivienne would win Drag Race UK following an ongoing rift between the two drag queens.

Earlier this month, the Liverpudlian drag queen, who beat Divina to be crowned the winner of the first ever UK edition of Drag Race last year, put her former co-star on blast on Twitter after de Campo appeared to brand her "cut-throat" in a new interview.

The comments did not go down well with The Vivienne, who quoted Divina as she shared the interview on Twitter, writing: "Smash your knee caps in, in order to win. I won that show Fair and Square. Constantly discrediting my win. GROW UP." 

The Vivienne, who divided viewers with forthright opinions during her time on Drag Race, added in a separate tweet: "Weight lifted. I’ve never entertained fake friendships in my life. Not going to start now.

"Sorry it was public but had to get it off my chest".

And now while appearing on the United Queendom podcast, Divina addressed the rift in their friendship and said she knew The Vivienne was always going to win.

She said: “The Vivienne was the one who was gonna win.

“I knew she was going to win, not for any other reason than she was better. She was.

“In terms of delivering drag, what she did in the competition was better.”

With the queens set to go on tour together later this year, Divina said they are likely to hash out any problems face-to-face.

She continued: “The Vivienne is nothing if not professional. If she wants to talk about it, I’m here to talk about it.

“We’ve known each other for a very long time. We’ve been friends for a very long time, so I don’t see this as being a cataclysmic destruction of the world or anything.

“In five years’ time, will it matter? No, it won’t.”