Do you think your sexuality could change for just one person?

A user of social forum Reddit thinks there's something wrong with him because he has developed a crush on a male friend, even though he describes himself as straight. After developing feels for his former stepbrother, user KittiesToTheMax has posted on the site asking for direction and advice about his feelings. The user admits to feel jealousy towards girls that his 'brother' has previously dated and describes feeling "perverted" and "ashamed". However, other users have tried to reassure KittiesToTheMax that these feelings are completely normal, Gay Star News reports. "I know guys who I’ve been with where I’m the only one they care about and otherwise they didn’t do anything. My advice is just don’t label it, love who you love, don’t worry about the rest," one replied. "I don’t think this makes a person gay, I think this just reveals that we’re all a little flexible. You’re not necessarily even bi. It’s a spectrum. You’re just at 99 instead of 100," another commented. One user even revealed that his boyfriend of almost five years is the only boy he's ever been attracted to and now he's not attracted to anybody besides his partner. "Well when I met my BF, I realized that I wanted him a lot. I had liked girls before and don’t recall ever being attracted by boys. We’ve been together for almost five years and I haven’t been attracted to anyone since, boys or girls. Sometimes I am iffy to identify myself as gay since I don’t feel attracted to guys except my bf," he shared. Read KittiesToTheMax's full post below: "I’m straight for the most part but I do have feeling for this one guy I know, he’s kind of like my foster brother in a way, or at least that’s how we met. My mom met his dad and we started to hang out, the relationship didn’t last long enough to mean anything but me and him stayed in contact even though our parents didn’t. ‘It didn’t become sexual until very recently, at first I just kinda looked up to him and wanted to be more like him. Then I wanted to be in his company because he made me feel cool and normal when I was around him. I started becoming quite jealous of the girls he showered affections on and at that point I realized what was going on. ‘I’m very much straight, I love girls, have sex with them often and there has never been any other guy that I’ve been into in any way. This guy is different for some reason. I feel pretty perverted, ashamed of how I’m feeling." More stories: Could a ‘Star Wars’ gay romance still be happening? Caitlyn Jenner: “I get more flak for being Republican than for being transgender”