Donald Trump finally mentioned 'the gays' - but it wasn't to celebrate Pride month

Well, he did it folks. Donald Trump has finally acknowledged the existence of gay people during US Pride month. The former reality TV star - who has so far failed to acknowledge the gay Pride month in the US or, you know, do absolutely anything to further LGBT+ equality during his first six months in office - finally let the words 'the gays' leave his lips during a political rally in Iowa last week. Unfortunately, it wasn't for the benefit of said 'gays'. Instead, predictably, it was to further his own victim narrative and get in a swipe at his predecessor Barack Obama in the process. "Isn't it amazing," Trump told the watching crowd of Republican supporters. "[Obama] can deal with Iran. You talk about bad... The gays, the women, bad to everyone ... brutal. I deal with anybody and it's like 'Donald Trump is a terrible human being.'" To the very idea of Donald Trump daring to use LGBT people to further his agenda, we say: Trump, who has already revoked transgender rights recommendations and a federal order protecting LGBT+ workers introduced by president Obama, has so failed to acknowledge gay Pride month in the US, either in person or in any official White House materials. While the official White House website has listed five presidential proclamations for June, including one for 'National Homeownership Month' and another for 'Great Outdoors Month', the country's biggest national celebration of equality has seemingly not been deemed worthy of note. Meanwhile, six members of Trump's advisory council on HIV/AIDS resigned from their posts earlier this month, saying they could no longer work with a "president who doesn't care" about the issue. More stories: The Big Brother boys can’t stop making out with each other – WATCH Ricky Martin opens up about filming first gay sex scene for American Crime Story: Versace