Donald Trump says it's 'great' to have an openly gay presidential candidate

Pete Buttigieg revealed last month he will be running for presidency in 2020


Words: Steve Brown

Donald Trump said it’s ‘great’ to have an openly gay presidential candidate.

For the 2020 presidential campaign, openly gay Democrat Pete Buttigieg is set to run for presidency and has publicly spoken out against Vice-President Mike Pence due to his anti-gay beliefs.

Pete Buttigieg (right) wed his husband Chasten Glezman in June 2018

But now, President Donald Trump said he has ‘no problem’ with an openly gay man running for presidency – despite going against himself.

Speaking to Fox News, Trump said: “I think it’s absolutely fine, I do.

“I think it’s great. I think it’s something that perhaps some people may have a problem with.

“I have no problem, whatsoever, I think it’s good.”