Doughnuts & Deadlifts release new Pride collection

The lifestyle clothing company create a new LGBT range each year


A lifestyle company has released their annual Pride gym clothing range, and we love it!

Doughnuts & Deadlifts - an American company which was set up by a group of friends back in 2013 - is headed by founder Krissy Mae Cagney and creates clothing for a range of athletes including powerlifters, Olympic weightlifters, CrossFitters, bodybuilders and your average gym-goers.

Each year, the clothing range incorporates the rainbow-pattern for LGBT+ customers and Cagney says the company is "more than a clothing company" and is more of a "movement".

On the company website, she said: "Doughnuts & Deadlifts is more than a clothing company.

"It's a lifestyle, and a movement. We exist for those who understand performance nutrition.

"Smart athletes don't look at food as "good" or "bad". Our devotees are always chasing their next PR and understand that the proper way to fuel (and celebrate) a PR is with tasty treats."

The new Pride collection goes on sale today and on a picture posted on the official Instagram account, they wrote: "The LGBTQ community holds a very special place in our hearts for a number of reasons.

"Thank you for supporting it, celebrating it, and helping us continue to give back. [sic]"

A portion of the proceeds from the collection will go to The Out Foundation.