Drag queen Panti Bliss receives Editor's Special Award

panti blissPanti Bliss has been honoured with the Editor’s Special Award at the Attitude Awards 2014. The Irish drag queen hit the headlines earlier this year when she accused a Catholic lobbying group of being homophobic during an appearance on Irish TV channel RTE - and the group proceeded to sue both Panti and RTE for defamation. After RTE issued a public apology and paid out 85,000 Euros (£69,000) of Irish taxpayers' money to stop the case from going to court, Panti made an impassioned speech challenging homophobia at Dublin’s Abbey Theatre. A video of the speech went viral, amassing over half a million views on YouTube. The speech was also praised by high-profile figures including Stephen Fry and Madonna. Speaking to Attitude about the video's success, Panti said: "It's a fucking ten minute speech on homphobia - I'm surprised anyone clicked on it at all! Honestly, I have no money, and no power - my only weapon was making a noise." Panti was presented with her award by Attitude's Editor, Matthew Todd, at tonight’s star-studded awards ceremony at Banqueting House in Whitehall, which is being hosted by Scissor Sisters star Ana Matronic. You can watch Panti's speech on homophobia below: