Drag queen surprises commuters with performance in busy London station

Commuters at King's Cross St Pancras station in London were in for a surprise this week when a singer took to one of the station's pianos in full drag get-up for a rendition of Sam Smith's 'I'm Not the Only One'. London drag performer Vanity von Glow is a London-based Drag performer and YouTube star, whose videos span everything from interviews with porn stars, to sassy Q&A's and comical challenges with other members of the community, such as 'Don't F*ck Up The Lyrics', with fellow YouTube star Calum McSwiggan. "I just felt like passing the time at St. Pancras with a little tinkle on the piano," Vanity said of the performance, adding: "With everything we've seen in the media this week I thought we could all use a little music to brighten the day." Commuters stop to watch and film Vanity as they pass through - not that you could really ignore those kind of vocals in a hot pink skirt. If you like the sound of Vanity, you can go see her perform live every Sunday at the the Phoenix Artist Club at 8pm. Words: Darren Mew More stories: Making history: Prince William appears on the cover of Attitude From shootings to suicide: Why homophobia remains as deadly as ever