Drag queens come out in defence of Katy Perry and slam 'false' SNL rumours

Drag queens have come out in support of Katy Perry after false rumours swirled about her. Earlier this week it was claimed that Migos had banned a number of queens from performing with them on SNL, and that they had also been refused entry to the show's after-party. Social media was rightfully angry, especially considering Katy recently received an award for being an LGBT icon. However, following the reports, which originated in a now-deleted article, numerous queens who Katy had invited to perform with her on the show have fired back at the claims. "Y'all! There is no drama with Migos. I was the only drag queen in the damn number. I don't know why this is a thing," wrote Jesse Havae on Facebook. "What I can speak to is KP's authenticity as an ally. There is vulnerability in her eye contact, respect in her handshake and power in her presence. "It's true that she insisted on stepping down to the side in order to feature as many of us as she could. It's also true that she and her team treated us with respect. People are quick to note her benefits from the queer community at large, but the mutual benefit isn't as recognised." Another performer, Scarlet Envy, slammed Huff Post for spreading false stories and "dismissing" queens who didn't give comments that fit their negative narrative. Another drag queen also shared a picture from the after party, proving that she, along with other performers, were invited to celebrate at the event. Reps for both Katy and Migos have labelled the stories "completely false".

Forgot to share this slightly awkward photo from the SNL after party, which took up the entirety of Rockefeller Plaza. Plus I got lots and lots of compliments on my @wackywacko perfume dress!

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