Drag Race star Tyra Sanchez forced to apologise after falsely announcing Morgan McMichael's death

Another day, another Drag Race drama. Fans of the show were devastated when former winner Tyra Sanchez shared a picture on her social media that claimed fellow star Morgan McMichaels had sadly passed away. However, it very quickly came to light that Morgan is alive and well. In fact, it turns out it's all over some pretty drama. Shortly after Tyra announced the "news," Morgan took to social media to explain what had really happened. Tyra, Morgan and Raven were all scheduled to perform at an event in celebration of Morgan's birthday. However, when Morgan saw that Tyra had made some remarks about Raven on social media, she called up the club and said that she wanted to pull out of the show. Apparently, the club then decided to was going to axe Tyra from the show instead.   "It was decided by the management that more people would come to see me at Micky's than they would Tyra," she said. "It's my birthday....They are gonna come for my birthday, and I'm grateful for that." Following the backlash, Tyra took to social media to apologise for her actions - but still refused to take down the offensive post. "I apologize for posting the picture that Morgan McMichaels passed away," said the former winner. "I understand that was wrong, and I understand the magnitude of what I have caused to many of you, reading your comments."