Drag Race UK vs The World's Mo Heart applauded for 'powerful' gay 'conversion' therapy conversation

"You are enough. There is not one part of you that is broken," says Mo Heart.


Words: Alastair James; pictures: BBC

RuPaul's Drag Race UK vs The World's Mo Heart has been applauded for using her time in the workroom to discuss her experience of undergoing gay 'conversion' therapy.

In a candid conversation about where some of the queens grew up and the political and social attitudes during Tuesday's episode (1 March), Mo opened up about her experiences with the abusive practice, which aims to change a person's sexuality or gender identity.

Chatting with Janey Jacké and Blu Hydrangea as they prepared for the maxi challenge, the queens discussed where they had come from. Blu shared that things had only recently begun to change in Northern Ireland saying it was "behind the times". Meanwhile, Janey shared her experiences of bullying as she grew up.

Asked about what her childhood was like, Mo reveals that her mum was a minister and that she was in the ministry herself as well for a time.

Tweeting a clip from last night's (Tuesday 1 February) episode, Mo repeated to her followers that: "There’s nothing wrong with you. You👏🏼 are 👏🏼enough."

She then begins to go into detail, explaining that there were people talking about how they would "bind and rebuke the homosexual demon off of you," with the ultimate goal of "straight-ness". 

"You just grow up feeling condemned and what's wrong with me and why am I here?" she goes on to say.

Mentioning that she leaders who were a gay man and a lesbian before they found each other and the Lord and had five children, who told Mo she could also do the same, but that she didn't believe it.

"Going through 'conversion' therapy me and my friend used to say this, we'd eat the meat and throw out the bone. You have to just let it go through one ear and out the other. It's that whole thing that you learn the reason you're queer or gay is because you had an overbearing mother and an absent father and all the other bulls***," Mo says labelling those kind of ideas as "trash"

In a confessional tells the audience that "You are enough. There is not one part of you that is broken. Don't buy into the hype that there is something wrong with you. Lies. Lies. Lies. There's nothing wrong with you."


The campaign to ban 'conversion' therapy in the UK posted on Twitter after the episode about how "powerful" Mo's sharing was hoping that it "reaches those who are at risk". 

LGBTQ campaigner, Matthew Hodson also commended Mo for her "powerful" share adding that it has now been four years since a ban was promised here in the UK. That was under Theresa May's premiership.

Slow progress has been made since then with a ban only being announced in the Queen's speech last year and a consultation opened late last year. That concluded in February and we are awaiting the results. Previously the government has said there will be legislation in the Spring

There has been concern from campaigners that loopholes in the government's current plans could see some versions of 'conversion' therapy carry on, but the government has insisted that it's plans will be "robust". 

Check out out interview with last week's eliminee, Pangina Heals, below:

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