Drag Race UK's Cherry Valentine starts job at Covid-19 vaccination centre following elimination

Now this is true queen behaviour.


Cherry Valentine's time in the RuPaul's Drag Race UK series two workroom may have been short-lived, but the week two eliminee has proven just how much of a class act she is after returning to nursing to help in the ongoing battle against coronavirus.

As she spills the tea on her time in the workroom on Attitude Tea Time in association with TAIMI, the LGBTQ+ Dating & Social Network, Cherry reveals she's started a new job manning Covid-19 vaccination centres - and we're ready to give her a crown of her own, frankly.

Asked by Jodie Harsh whether working in the NHS during the pandemic has changed her perspective on her time on Drag Race UK, Cherry replies: "Absolutely. It literally changed how I thought about so much, and I think it did for a lot of people as well.



"Stopping filming Drag Race after everything that happened - it being so emotional and opening up finally - to then go straight into a lockdown, I was like 'I can't stay in the house, I'm gonna go mad'.

"I took up nursing again and then I worked through the pandemic, and it was insane."

The 26-year-old, who lost out in the lipy sync against Welsh queen Tayce in this week's episode, continues: "I've literally just got another job doing vaccination centres.

"If it can speed it up a little bit more, do you know what I mean? Like some form of normality, bring it back please!"

From not seeing "eye to eye" with series two sister Tia Kofi to her boyfriend's initial reaction to her doing drag, nothing is off-limits during Cherry's appearance on Tea Time in association with TAIMI.

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