Drag Race UK's Tayce 'not talking' to Vinegar Strokes following comments about runway and A'Whora

The series two finalist tells Attitude and Jodie she's not yet ready to kiss and make up - but she will be.


RuPaul's Drag Race UK star Tayce has admitted she's currently "not talking" to series one queen and former friend Vinegar Strokes following comments she made about her performance on the show.

Tayce, who finished as joint runner-up in last week's series two finale, opens up about the recent drama as she joins Attitude and Jodie Harsh for Tea Time in association with TAIMI, the LGBTQ Dating, Chat and Social Network App, to share her reaction to the news.

Prior to the Drag Race series two final, footage circulated on social media of Vinegar saying she "blame[s] the edit for making Tayce look better than she actually is", adding that the Welsh queen "let A'Whora s*** her off and then make her outfits for her".

Tayce fired back on Twitter at the time, branding Vinegar "bitter" and adding that they were "meant to be friends".

Asked by Jodie Harsh during Attitude's Tea Time in association with TAIMI whether she and Vinegar have since made amends, Tayce admits she's not yet ready to kiss and make up.

"Oh, she's unfollowed. I'm not talking to her at the minute", says Tayce, 26. "I'm not really into it and I don't really care to, like, sort it out right now."

The 'UK, Hun?' singer goes on: "She sent me an apology, like about an hour after the fact that it had happened and she was sharing Metro articles and Pink News things and I basically said 'Listen, we can sort it out when we sort it out, but for right now, I don't even want to talk about it - you must be a bit bored and you need something to do, so you're lashing out at me for some sort of reason'.

"I don't need it. I didn't call you this, that and the other - I never have before and I never would, even now."

Tayce, whose giddy confessionals cemented her as a fan favourite during series two of Drag Race UK, adds that she hopes to rectify the pair's relationship in the future, once the initial wave of drama has blown over.

"We'll fix it, we'll patch it up," she says. "But you know when you just need a minute to breathe? Like, when someone comes with an apology straight away it's like, 'I'm still angry!'

"But I'm sure she'll watch this. I'll see her in a few weeks and we'll sort it out then, it'll be fine.

"Things like this, they're not that deep, they're really not. And the situation itself wasn't that deep, it was just annoying."

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